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Guidance & advice for the harmonie of the body mind & soul 

Energy Medicine is a combination of the art and science of healing through the human energy system. It integrates

intuitive wellness with alternate & complementary therapies using a holistic approach to wellness.

Dr Amit Kalyanji Saiya, a Practising Physician - Energy Medicine & Medical Intuitive, founded the Body Mind & Soul

Clinic in 2004 offering therapies based on Energy Medicine with the primary goal to encourage wellness care clients, to connect with the issues that are preventing them from  having the life and health, they desire. Once so connected

the Physician involves the wellness care client in finding ways to facilitate their healing process.

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Entrainment Therapy

Energy Medicine Research Foundation's  'Entrainment therapy' has shown efficacy in providing highly personalised and individualistic treatment of illnesses, diseases, un-wellness and disorders of Physical & Mental health - infectious and non-infectious, neoplastic, autoimmune, genetic & metabolic by helping manage them & improve the quality of life of the client.The treatments are completely harmless as they are drug free and have known to have not presented any side effects.How does the Entrainment Therapy work ? Click here to know more 


Covid 19 & Entrainment Therapy

Energy Medicine Research Foundation's entrainment therapy has the efficacy to provide treatment against Covid -19.

Click here to read more on Covid 19 &  how ' Entrainment therapy ' can help prevent & or manage the illness it causes.

The treatments are completely harmless as they are drug free and not known to have any side effects.The therapy does not involve any medical treatment in the conventional sense and does not require any approval from a regulatory authority as it is provided to clients who voluntarily opt for it.

Other therapies offered 

Entrained water


Food Intolerance

Study & therapy

Energy placement


Substance Dependence 

Removal therapy 


Selective memory

erasure therapy 

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Dr Amit Kalyanji Saiya 

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