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Covid 19 &  how ' Entrainment therapy can help prevent & or manage the illness it causes


Energy Medicine Research Foundation's entrainment therapy has the efficacy to provide treatment against Covid -19.

1.It can be taken as protection from the virus by the uninfected. 2. It can be effective to prevent further spread from those who test positive but are asymptomatic. 3. It can be effective for those infected by the Virus to recover from the infection.The treatments are completely harmless as they are drug free and have not known to have presented any side effects.The therapy does not involve any medical treatment in the conventional sense and does not require any approval from a regulatory authority as it is provided to clients who voluntarily opt for it.


 How does the Entrainment Therapy work ? Click here to know more 


Read on to know about the Virus & why a Combined Vaccine + Antidote is required.


The present Coronavirus is live, intelligent and has specialised ( click here to read more ) itself for survival in the human species. 


It requires a treatment by a combination of a vaccine and a antidote with a detection & trigger mechanism to determine current health state and trigger either the vaccine or the antidote or both.The absence of or presence of antibodies in the body will be the trigger point and the level of antibodies will decide which mechanism is to be triggered


The vaccine to stave of the body from being infected and in case the body is already infected the antidote to neutralise the spread of the infection. 


This treatment by a Combined Vaccine + Antidote will help camouflage and prevent recognition of host cell surface thus preventing attachment to the cell surface and thereby fusion into human host cell. If this preventive situation is bypassed by the virus and it fuses into the cell, then the Combined Vaccine + Antidote will step in to stop the production of viral protein and genetic material counteracting the formation of more of the same virus, halting the Lytic cycle and promoting the internal death of the host cell with virus inside and triggering the engulfment of these dead cells by process of  phagocytosis to stem the spread of the infection. 


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