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Emotional Resonance
& remedial therapy 
The resonance & therapy protocol

a. The Physician, Energy Medicine here forth called the " Physician "

b. The Wellness Care Client's here forth called the " Client "

Emotions are affective states short, intense, with calm or tumultuous conduct, with a well-defined orientation (for objects, people, specific situations etc.). Emotions originate in processing information that occur at both conscious and unconscious level.

In the category of Positive emotions enter joy, serenity, gratitude, interest,hope, pride, amusement , inspiration, awe, love,altruism , satisfaction and relief.

In the category of Negative emotions enter sadness, discouragement, disappointment, anger, unhappiness, depression, regret, frustration, feelings of hopelessness, desolation, grief, loneliness, despair, self closing, feelings of guilt, pain, suffering, anger, unhappiness, shame , disgust, bitterness, envy. Included in the core emotions of anxiety is also a series of negative emotions: fear, anxiety, worry, concern, agitation, alarm, tension, fear, tension, terror, panic, horror.

Modern times have so many triggers due to the overwhelming processing of information - more negative than positive and in combinations which are complex. These multiple triggers induce us into an emotional state which effect all our ten wellness dimensions creating disharmonie .The emotional resonance with the clients energy and remedial therapy aims to remove the triggers.

The physician resonates with the energies of the client and thereby arriving at the current emotional state of the client - having done so he chooses the appropriate Bach remedies and or flower essences singly or in a combination that matches the current emotional state as indicated by the clients energies.

The same is suggested to the client with dosage and number of days the same has to be taken. The remedies / essences work to remove the triggers behind the emotional state bringing about a healing at the emotional level / dimension  -  which in turn effect other dimensions: a healthy emotional life and a balanced personality will allow the clients body to find its own natural state of health


The remedial therapy may require a maximum of four sessions wherein depending on the changes in the emotional level - fresh set of bach remedies and or flower essences may be prescribed .There is no fear of ill effects from overdoses or incorrect prescriptions in Bach or flower remedies as they do not resonate if the symptoms are not inherent.

The Physician, will inform the client on the dosage and how to take the remedies. This therapy can also be used for pets (animals).

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