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Individual Wellness
The Study & therapy Protocol 

  a. The Physician, Energy Medicine here forth called the " Physician "

  b. The Wellness Care Client's here forth called the " Client "

This modality is divided into two phases. In the first phase - The Physician will proceed with doing a resonance with the clients energy signature . He then enquires and derives the client’s state of being in the 

  1. Social

  2. Physical

  3. Environmental

  4. Medical 

  5. Nutritional

  6. Spiritual

  7. Psychological and emotional

  8. Behavioral and intellectual

  9. Occupational

  10. Financial

dimensions and how this may promote physical well being and good health, or cause disease, illness or imbalance in one or multitude dimensions.


In the second phase the Physician seeks remedial measures to each dimension if there are imbalances. In effect the clients energy signature subconsciously relays exactly what the imbalances are and the required remedials needed to restore / re - balance their own wellness dimensions through the dowsing communication with the Physician. Each energy signature study and harmonie therapy given is therefore unique . 

The Physician, establishes if it is "safe to proceed" before any therapy is recommended .The Physician may use one or many , singly or in combination, alternative and or complementary medicine therapies to arrive at complete wellness for the client. .

All the human dimensions as mentioned from 1 to 10 above are interconnected. No dimension stands alone. Each dimension is related to others in different ways and to different degrees. A change in one dimension will likely affect other domains. This means that if the client make a positive change in one domain, they may experience a positive effect in another without even making an effort. 

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