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Energy Placement Protocol
The theory and protocol

  a. The Physician, Energy Medicine here forth called the " Physician "

  b. The Wellness Care Client's here forth called the " Client "

The Energy Placement protocol dwells on the combined theory of two ancient and sacred bodies of knowledge which reveal the connection between humans and the dwellings they inhabit - while one focuses on a dwelling from its very conception, the other the numerous tools on dealing with an existing space.

The above knowledge with the main focus on the clients energies in tandem with their family for their home and with people who inhabit the work space with the client forms the basis of the Energy Placement Protocol.

The Physician ,requests either to visit the home and where possible the office or the work space depending on the clients requirements.


If the above is not possible as it may either be that  the client is  from out of town or it is a Distance Energy Placement Protocol being done - the Physician requests that the client draw the basic dynamics of the home  along with a details of furniture, objects and who inhabits which space of the home to the minute details possible.

Once done the energy of the spaces is examined in detail. The therapist then maps and examines the environmental layout to improve the energy flows. This includes getting rid of clutter and negative energy, increasing positive energy, and overall balancing the different energies corresponding to the subtle energy of the client.  If necessary the Physician recommends addition of a few items that will help improve the subtle energy  of the Clients residence and office / work environment .

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