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Bach Remedies 
Dr Edward Bach and the Bach flower remedy system

"Working with Bach Flower remedies, I like to address the core, or root, of the situation that is causing discomfort or unease. It is easy to see the effects of a situation and become caught up in attempting to deal with them. Yet I have found that what appears to be the “problem” is often just a symptom of a deeper life issue. When we can work at this deeper level we may spend much less time and energy than we would by working with a more superficial focus. Often when we work with the core or root of a situation, many of the uncomfortable symptoms that held our attention melt away. Some uncomfortable situations that seemed unrelated often come into harmonie and are resolved almost effortlessly once we have addressed the deeper cause." - Dr Amit Kalyanji Saiya 

The 38 remedies each directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state. Remedies are  selected to address the issues affecting the person's psyche, or soul, and through changes in attitude and awareness physical health is impacted. They work as catalysts for psycho-spiritual change and mind body health. More often these changes transform people around the person taking these remedies as they react to these changes. 

For more information on each remedy in this list click on the name of the remedy . 

Agrimony - mental torture behind a cheerful face

Aspen - fear of unknown things

Beech - intolerance

Centaury - the inability to say 'no'

Cerato - lack of trust in one's own decisions

Cherry Plum - fear of the mind giving way

Chestnut Bud - failure to learn from mistakes

Chicory - selfish, possessive love

Clematis - dreaming of the future without working in the present

Crab Apple - the cleansing remedy, also for self-hatred

Elm - overwhelmed by responsibility

Gentian - discouragement after a setback

Gorse - hopelessness and despair

Heather - self-centredness and self-concern

Holly - hatred, envy and jealousy

Honeysuckle - living in the past

Hornbeam - tiredness at the thought of doing something

Impatiens - impatience

Larch - lack of confidence

Mimulus - fear of known things

Mustard - deep gloom for no reason

Oak - the plodder who keeps going past the point of exhaustion

Olive - exhaustion following mental or physical effort

Pine - guilt

Red Chestnut - over-concern for the welfare of loved ones

Rock Rose - terror and fright

Rock Water - self-denial, rigidity and self-repression

Scleranthus - inability to choose between alternatives

Star of Bethlehem - shock

Sweet Chestnut - Extreme mental anguish, when everything has been tried and there is no light left

Vervain - over-enthusiasm

Vine - dominance and inflexibility

Walnut - protection from change and unwanted influences

Water Violet - quiet self-reliance leading to isolation

White Chestnut - unwanted thoughts and mental arguments

Wild Oat - uncertainty over one's direction in life

Wild Rose - drifting, resignation, apathy

Willow - self-pity and resentment

The original system also includes an emergency combination remedy - the rescue remedy  ( a combination of five remedies) 

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