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Absent healing 
The healing protocol

a. The Physician, Energy Medicine here forth called the " Physician "

b. The Wellness Care Client's here forth called the " Client "

Every manifestation of life is made of energy, vibrating at different frequencies, The Physician is able to intuitively work with energy, entraining and balancing the clients energy thereby healing the client. When the Client is not physically present for healing it is referred to as absent healing and this works in a similar way to being in the presence of the Physician.


Either a picture of the client or a " a strand of the client's hair is enough for the the Physician to make the connection to the Clients energies. This is beneficial in emergencies when instant pain relief and healing is required to stem any deterioration in the clients health or the client is unable to be present due to distance or illness.

Working not on the physical form, but with pure energy , the physician operates outside of the normal limitations of space and time .


The Physician entrains the clients energies with the explicit understanding that the healing energy / frequencies will only resonate with the clients energies if  it is in the highest & best interest of the client.

The word " entrain " explained - the Physician resonates with the clients energies and asks and receives a feed back from the clients energies of the vibrating frequencies of energy required to heal. The physician proceeds to create the frequency in and around the client - the clients energy gets entrained with these frequencies and the cleansing process begins followed by increase or decrease in energies through the clients major energy channels , releasing the blocks and last but not the least a special focus on the specific health issue to complete the healing process .

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